News from California's Central Coast

Summer 2006

HOT! HOT! HOT! California has had eleven straight days of 100 degrees plus temperatures. There is not much you can do to stay cool except stay inside or go swimming.

Genna ended her school year last month with straight A's. Genna went to two different Horse Camps this summer - one overnight and one advanced. Genna will be a seventh grader in the fall and is becoming such a young lady.

Alissa and I surprised her mom with a 60th Birthday party last weekend. All had lots of fun, including me, eventhough I had had my gall blader removed the previous morning. I am almost recovered and will be returning to work tomorrow.

Spring 2006

Rain, rain go away! We have had SO much rain I feel we are about to float away. Everything is very green but also very soggy. Genna is 3/4 of the way through 6th grade. She is still in honors classes and recently made honor roll. We just got a puppy on April Fool's Day. Her name is April and you can see a picture and movie here.

Summer 2004

It is cooking today! Temperatures hit nearly 100 degrees today. Despite the high temp Genna tested for her second stripe on her White Belt for Tae Kwon Do - you can see the movie by clicking on the link to the left. Genna started 5th grade and her second straight year in the honors class. Genna is also starting her 4th year of soccer this week. It is a busy time of year.

Alissa and I are in the middle of launching a new website for selling candles online. Little Shoppe of Candles is the name. It is not open for business yet but check back soon.

Spring 2004

Spring has sprung in California. Last week we had temperatures in the 80's. It is a little cooler this week with a little bit of rain but still nice. Genna just competed in her first Science Fair today, although she did not place Alissa and I are very proud of her. You can select the link on the left to watch a demonstration of her project.

Alissa, Genna and I have been making homemade candles for about 3 years now and have decided to launch a website to sell our candles. The site is currently under construction and we are in the process of making candles and taking pictures for the site. We also plan on selling them locally.

Have a great day, The Williams Family

Winter 2004

I can't believe it has been over two years since I have written something here. I guess I should probably start a blog here that way I can keep this more up to date. In any case here is what is new:

We survived the San Simeon Quake of December 22, 2003. It was located about 20-30 miles north-east of Templeton in the Santa Lucia mountains at the very northern edge of San Luis Obispo County. We had a little bit of damage - glassware, TV's, and a water heater - but, at least we are safe. Unfortunately there were two deaths in Paso Robles - about 10 Miles north.

In more positve news, I just graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from American InterContinental University Online. I completed my final two years in just 13 months, not something I would do again.

Genna is in an Honors 4th grade class and doing very well. I can't believe some of the homework she comes home with. I thought my homework for my degree was tough, I think Genna's may be tougher.

Thanks for reading, The Williams family

Fall 2001

It has been more than a year we moved to the Central Coast of California and we have enjoyed our new home and area tremendously.

Alissa and I got married April 21st, 2001 at a nearby beach.  Genna just had her 7th birthday October 2nd, 2001.  Genna played soccer for the first time last fall and really enjoyed playing goalie and forward.  We took a wonderful cruise down the west coast of California and Mexico.  Unfortunately we lost are very beloved dog, Genevieve,last summer to liver disease. Genevieve would have been three years-old October 2nd, 2001.

Despite Alissa's surgery, 2002 is off to good start. We recently got a new kitten and are looking forward to getting a Golden Retriever from our neighbor in early summer. Genna is getting ready to play softball in the spring.

Thanks for reading, The Williams family