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We are enjoying our retirement in Henderson, Nevada. We've been here 2-1/2 years and still have a lot to see and do. We keep ourselves busy working on projects around the house, travel and activities in the community. We go to California to visit Marty, Alissa and Genna every 4 to 6 weeks. Genna is eight years old and a little darling. Click here to see her soccer photo. For more photos of Genna click here and then look at Genna's Page.
  We will celebrate our 40th anniversary in June. You can see from the photo in the corner that we have changed a lot since our wedding.
By clicking on Our Family on the left you can see some photos of the family. Our Friends and Relatives show some photos of some of our friends and relatives. Clicking on Family Tree takes you to the family trees for Madelene and Roger. Clicking on Las Vegas Webcam takes you to a camera atop the Stratosphere.   The 2002 Williams-Guest family reunion was held in the Thumb area of Michigan. Click on Family Reunion to see photos.

Roger can be reached at roger@williamslink.net


Madelene can be reached at madelene@williamslink.net.


February 13, 2003